The Waycross Growth Strategy was launched in 2011.  The objective is to outperform the S&P 500 index over a full market cycle.  Our approach to long-only investment management remains focused on extensive, bottom-up company research.  We emphasize companies who are either leaders in their respective industries or are disrupting their industries through innovation.  The strategy maintains a higher market exposure range of 95-100% invested across 25-35 holdings.  To better serve our clients' needs, the strategy can be customized for adherence with specific guidelines and tax considerations.

Investment Strategies

Waycross Long/Short Opportunity Strategy

Waycross Long/Short Equity Strategy

Waycross Growth Strategy

The Waycross Long/Short Opportunity strategy was launched in 2013.  Similar to our flagship strategy, the investment objective is to generate superior, risk-adjusted returns over time while maintaining a low correlation to large cap equities.  Our investment process leads us to seek out both long and short opportunities.  The strategy targets a net market exposure in the range of 60-80%, but it can range from 0-100%, with a maximum gross exposure (longs plus shorts) of 150%.  The resulting portfolio is positioned to participate in equity market up-trends, but maintains downside protection.

Our flagship strategy, the Waycross Long/Short Equity strategy, was launched in 2005.  The investment objective is to to produce strong risk-adjusted returns with lower volatility than the overall equity markets. Our investment process leads us to seek out both long and short opportunities. The strategy typically targets gross long exposure between 90-100% and gross short exposure between 40-60%. Net market exposure typically ranges from 40% to 60%. The resulting portfolio has a low correlation to the large cap equity market.