About The Firm

Waycross Partners was founded in July of 2005 and brings together investment professionals who had previously worked together at the institutional asset management firm, INVESCO (formerly National Asset Management). Together, the portfolio teams brings more than 80 years of combined investment experience.

The firm was started with a goal to manage and preserve our client's assets using an investment strategy that seeks to produce attractive, risk adjusted returns with low correlation to the overall market. As a result, we use a long/short equity approach to asset management.  Our goal is minimize the volatility within our clients’ overall portfolios while improving their expected returns.

For foundations and endowments, we believe the investment strategy of long/short equity delivers a potentially lower-risk alternative to the diversification offered by modern portfolio theory (MPT). Investing using long/short equity gives a portfolio manager the latitude to apply bottom-up fundamental analysis and invest by either buying a company’s stock or selling it short. When accomplished within industry groups, the “pair trades” that result from simultaneously buying and selling short the stocks of different firms, enable a long/short equity manager to minimize returns generated by the randomness of the market (beta) and focus intently on delivering returns produced by superior stock selection (alpha).